Why Am I Depressed During Holidays

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“Dashing through the snow, in a one-horse open sleigh, I don’t like the holidays to can you please just go away.” 

Ask your self this question. “If it’s the holidays, why am I depressed?” Going through the motions of a holiday depression can be very uncomfortable to deal with. While everyone else is having a good time, you are locked away in a room trying to shake the depression.

If the prior sounds like you then you are with more than 3 million Americans that become depressed during the holidays, then you may be dealing with something known as Seasonal Affective Disorder, also known as SAD (quite the irony!).

The basis of this annually recurring condition is to experience depression during winter months and around holidays.

Besides the fact that it is cold, the overt happiness of turkey, reindeer, and Santa peddlers, might not be the remedy to make you feel as joyous as everyone else. Why?

If you ask me I think it’s because when we really found out that Santa Claus did not exist, there was a development of disdain and mistrust in the world.

It may sound ridiculous or incredulous, but the resentment is real when you discover a lie as big as Santa Claus. Our whole life, lies have been fed to us, and for the sake of making me smile, I really no longer care for it. 

While the holidays are a good time to celebrate with loved ones, especially those you have not seen in years, (or what feels like it) sometimes it can have the reverse effect.

To connect, bond and ‘act’ as if everyone is on one accord for a few days a year, is also something that could make the holidays suck. There are many reasons as to why people become depressed, some can be attributed to chemical imbalances, others, are connected inter-personally. 

Reasons why I am depressed during the holidays

Here are some non-medical reasons that you could possibly be dealing with the holiday blues:

* You do not like the holidays — Around this time, you hate to be around people because their happiness repulses you. You would want nothing more than to hide under a rock until all the carols are done and over with. You may feel like others are putting on a show or acting to be nice and wish to have no parts of it.

* Family/relationship Issues — Falling out and having issues that have not been reconciled with people right before/during the holidays, causes strained relations and can have a MAJOR influence as to why you feel depressed around holiday time.

We DO want to get along with our loved ones despite having our differences. But sometimes, you may need to let the situation go, and knowing that, can contribute to figuring out why am I depressed during holidays

* Lost love ones — Death is something that we do not fully recover from but it’s a natural part of life. Sometimes, the holidays can trigger the holiday depression, when we take the time to remember those who we’ve lost.

* Loneliness lack of loved ones — For those that are isolated from their loved ones, by choice or circumstance, there is not a more difficult (or peaceful, depending on perspective) way to spend the holidays, than to be alone. Running solo has a high potential to make some people become depressed.

Time alone can inspire bad thoughts, sad thoughts, jealousy of others apparent happiness, (it is apparent because by looking at someone, you cannot tell if their happiness is genuine), and, other factors that make the loneliness worse.

How long does the depression last

Despite reasons, listed or not, being depressed is not something that anyone enjoys. It can last for days, up to months, and sometimes years, and can continue to be a destructive force. Although we may grow accustomed to being alone, it generally is not healthy, as we all need human contact throughout our lives.

There are a variety of preventative measures you can take to make yourself feel better during holiday times such as being with others or volunteering. For other ways to prevent SAD and depressive triggers, visit WebMD

Why am I feeling depressed and S.A.D.

To figure out another possibility of why am I depressed from a different perspective, let’s take a look at SAD from a more scientific view.

According to Pharmacy Times, the symptoms that are associated with having SAD may include:

  • Overeating
  • Carbohydrate Cravings
  • Hypersomnia
  • Weight Gain

SAD is said to manifest when there is a disturbance in the circadian patterns. The melatonin in our bodies may not be operating correctly, due to the decrease in sunlight during waking morning hours. Which could explain why am I depressed.

Now while this condition is not fully understood it is safe to say that it can have a different effect on people. The only 2 evidence-based treatments that have been identified are and light therapy and taking antidepressants. Taking melatonin can also help restore the normal sleep patterns and get your circadian pattern back on track. 


Dr. Haseltie and a group of researchers found out holiday indulging in cookies, cakes, sweets, and sugary goodness were the main antagonists for metabolic responses that may trigger and agitate depressive symptoms. 

While being happy during the holidays can be something that takes some getting used to, with repetition, and a clear goal in mind, combating the triggers to seasonal depression can be dealt with healthily.

Which triggers get you feeling depressed during the holidays? Tell me about it below. And if you found any value in this post please share it, social links are at the sidebar on the top right. Thank you!

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  1. Maria R.

    Wow, this is so true. GREAT READ!!!

    1. Kay Cee

      Yes indeed, sadness is a serious issue in communities. Thanks for the comment

  2. Rod SImmons

    Been dealing with SAD since my wife dies 5 years ago right before Thanksgiving.

    1. Kay Cee

      I am so sorry to hear that. I hope that you have found some healthy ways to cope during the tough times.

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