The Sad Reality about Relationships

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The Sad Reality About Relationships

The Sad Reality about Relationships. Grey Dark Clouds

Relationships can be parts of our lives that affect our emotions with little to no effort. When the dream of what could be in a relationship is good, the nightmare creates a sad reality about relationships.

Relationships do not always have to be bad, but because they are the “work” part of the dating cycle, and not everyone is equipped to do so. This is sad when you have two people that love each other, but they are not able to find a way to resolves their differences.

Holding on in a Relationship

While in a relationship people tend to feel as though love is
a reason to keep holding on. You cannot stand your significant other
(or insignificant), you constantly argue, and quite frankly, your sex life
has seen better days.

Many people ride this roller coaster too long,
forgetting how the ride began. More times than not in a relationship,
someone is usually looking for a person to blame, when in fact they
should be looking in the mirror.

This is not always easy as most things seem that way, until you have to go and do the work. Letting go of someone you love can cause a lot of turmoil, and has the potential to damage future relationships.

The best advice you can give someone in this position is to get them to understand that things do not last for ever, and holding on might do more harm than expected.

Having an Unhappy Relationship

Being in an unhappy relationship is like having a car with no
engine. How far do you expect to go with that?

Get rid of it! No one is
more responsible for providing happiness than you, so you have to
start taking a stand for what you want, and leave everything else

The first step in fixing your situation is determining what your
issues are and voicing them to your significant other.

There are many occasions where people are in an unhappy relationship. Some issues could be:

These are just a few of the occasions that can drastically affect happiness in a relationship. When two happy people come together, the recipe for creating that heartwarming bond is strong.

By contrast, when two (or even one sometimes) people are in an unhappy relationship, it can be quite devastating to experience.

Communication in a Relationship

The simplest yet most challenging aspect of a relationship is
communication. There is nothing worse than letting a sore spot fester
for months on end, and then out the blue, erupting like a volcano.

Letting your spouse know how you feel, no matter how severe you
think it may be, is better than biting your tongue, after all, who likes a
bloody mouth?

This allows you to voice your feelings and hopefully promote some sort of understanding. You must remember though, communication is a two-part process, one listening, and one speaking.

No matter how “talented” he or she might be at multitasking, very few individuals can listen effectively while attempting to talk over the other person or provide a rebuttal. It is nearly impossible.


Making sure to set specific guidelines of communication,
can prove to be effective in making sure both parties are heard and
understood. If this gets you nowhere then you have to determine if
you can handle being in a volatile situation.

If you decide that it may be in your best interest to move on, then you should do so. It may be difficult initially, but in the end, you will appreciate your
decision, feel more liberated and be “happy” for a change.

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