A Book Review on Digital Communications Etiquette

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Digital Communications Etiquette Book Review
Digital Communications Etiquette Book Review


If you are interested in improving your communication skills or would like some pointers on how to communicate effectively, this is the book for you. Do you want to learn the reasons people tend to respond or ignore messages? Would you like to have a better understanding of how to communicate? If you answered yes, then check out “Digital Communications Etiquette.”

What is Digital Communications Etiquette?

Digital Communications Etiquette is a book that examines how our communication processes have changed over the last 10-15 years, especially with technological improvements. Social media has also added new benefits (or obstacles, depending on perspective) of being able to contact each other quickly.

As we have advanced in digital technology, we have also changed how we’ve interacted with each other. Dating, relationships, and even business have all been affected by the presence of digital advancements.

With the improvement of technology, one would think improving communication skills would not be necessary.

As always, everything in life has pros and cons; digital technology is no different. What we have gained in speed, convenience, accessibility, and connectivity, we have also retarded a few things:

Disadvantages of Tech

Digital Communication Etiquette talks about the most important elements that dictate how we communicate and interact with one another. There are four essential elements in today’s age—feelings, attention, consideration, and time.

These elements dictate how we feel about speaking with someone. How much attention we give a conversation. How considerate we are in the conversation and the amount of time we are willing to dedicate to someone.

These four elements form the FACT elements and give a better grasp on how not to feel so agitated when communication lines get crossed. This book stresses the importance of digital communication etiquette plays in our lives.

We communicate every day, in every interaction, in almost every way. We communicate with everyone and everything (including ourselves), yet there is no generalized guide that gives people a better understanding when digitally communicating.

Digital Communications Etiquette does an excellent job addressing this void. Let’s look at some of the positive aspects of the book.

Positives of Digital Communications Etiquette:

  • The book serves as a guide – Digital Communications Etiquette can be utilized as a guide to anyone dealing with communication issues. I do appreciate the practical and simplistic approach to help readers of all ages understand the “rules” to digital communications.
  • The book gives a good outline of the history of technology and how we interacted with it – AOL and AIM were the first versions of what we today know as social media, and that is how many of our digital communications journeys started.
  • The book provided actionable suggestions  – Through the use of the FACT method, Digital Communications Etiquette helps better explain to readers how they can use this method to improve their communications and how not to be so tied to our devices, awaiting a response from someone.

Corona Virus Tips

Negatives of Digital Communications Etiquette

Here are some things I did not care for in the book.

  • The book was too short – I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, but I wish there were more to it. The information was sufficient; I just thought it could have been a lengthier read.
  • Needed some infographics – I think the book would have been more impactful if it contained some pictures or graphs or charts that were relevant to communications. I do think the addition of visual information might have added more value or increased readability.


Overall, I would recommend Digital Communications Etiquette to my readers and visitors. I liked this book because it helped put the importance of communications back into perspective. I believe in the digital age; it is easy to be distracted or not have the patience to deal with others’ needs.

This book has allowed me to see things from another perspective when communicating with people digitally. The FACT elements are relevant digitally but also applies to in person.

It is important to remember many of the visual cues we receive in person do not exist during digital communications.

When we have a firm grasp of communications, we can begin to address our communication gaps and become better communicators.

This book is a must-read if you are interested in examining the history of digital communications, and are interested in improving your communications.

It can help you with your dating life, in relationships, or even in business.

If you are interested in getting the book (digital version only), check out “Digital Communications Etiquette.”

If you are interested in furthering your communications, I created a straightforward communications course that teaches you the basics of communications.

If you are interested, check out the “Enhance your Communications” program.



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  1. Joo

    Thank you for this book review about Digital Communications Etiquette. It’s interesting, I was just reading your other post about the FACT element that is taught in the book. I believe many people will find it useful, since these are actionable steps that we can take to improve our communication skills and the vibes that we send to whoever is on the receiving end.

    1. Kay Cee


      Communication is always going on. It is something that we must do in order to send and receive ideas. Although we learn about it in school, none of the information goes in-depth enough to use these skills in person. We have to try to do better if we want to improve.

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