6 Ways to Combat the Coronavirus and Social Distancing

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The Coronavirus and Covid19 pandemic has had a significant effect on China, the United States, and the World as a whole. At Love’n’Drugs, we want to extend our deepest condolences to anyone that has passed during this time.

We also want to give strength and courage to those still with us, in the eye of the storm. We are doing our best to stay positive at this time and be able to move forward.

I present to you: 6 Ways to combat the coronavirus and social distancing.

1. Combat the coronavirus by Learning a new skill

In a time of isolation, social-distancing, and pandemic, it is imperative to keep your mind actively focused on new things. Because of the severity of this virus, parks are being limited, movies are shut down, libraries have been closed, as have most things that we do for entertainment and enrichment.

Now that you have a lot of time on your hands learning a new skill can be a great thing to do to stay active and keep your mind sharp. This can prevent some feelings of cabin fever and restlessness. We may have different interests, and that is okay.

Thinking of learning that new language? Go for it. Want to become a video director? Take a class online. Want to improve your communication? Check out some seminars.

For those of you that may need some idea starters, here are 6 ideas that you could help you learn a new skill.

  • Learn about investing in the stock market
  • Learn a skill that you have been putting off for months (or YEARS)
  • Learn the basics of gardening (in a time like this, understanding gardening could be vital)
  • Learn how to play an instrument
  • Learn how to edit pictures
  • Learn how to fix things around your house

2. Bury the hatchet – (With those you haven’t spoken to in years and months)

This may seem a bit weird, but to be fair, most people are not actively thinking about this. Remember that great relationship that was turned sour because of irreconcilable differences? While we all are watching, people are becoming sick, and some are passing on; we must appreciate ourselves and those that are still here.

While you may think someone hurting your feelings, stealing your money, cheating on you, etc. is worth not speaking to, but is it worth not ever having the opportunity to talk to them again? Just think about this, humans go far too long begrudging one another over minuscule reasons. Social distancing is proving this.

Now, I do know that things happen, that you may not want to forgive, but forgiveness is often a two-way street. You allow the person to be released from that dark place you’ve sent them to, and you free up some space that allows the tension to reside.

If this coronavirus has not taught us anything, it should be teaching us that life is too short for grudging over attitudes, disagreements, and even “shady” situations.

After all, would you not feel worse if you could have mended things with someone, and they passed on? If you loved someone profoundly but were adversely affected by them, reach out to them and let them know you were hurt, but you forgive them, and you love them.

We are all hurting, and right now is the perfect time to make things right.

3. Take a media Fast

Not just social media, but media in general. Stay away from the phones (or turn off the News notifications), the news channels on cable, even Netflix and Hulu.

Take a break from these platforms because while they are helping us get through the tough times, they can make us complacent and lazy. A month of watching television can be very disruptive to our already deteriorating scheduled lives.

You need to be aware of what is going on, but from experience, hearing entertainers and athletes that have contracted the virus, as well as all the constant updates, started to give me anxiety. I had to turn them off so that I could focus on creating this great content for you guys, gals, and others.

If you feel compelled to check, take a few moments in the beginning, middle, and end of the week to check on the status of the coronavirus, if you MUST. Still, otherwise, you will be seeing the information on all platforms (Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, etc.).

Even Netflix has movies that are dealing with pandemics, outbreaks, and end of the world scenarios (predictive programming?). Sometimes it is good to just go read a book or write, just something to break the monotony of CORONA VIRUS every single day.

4. Explore your creative side

In times of stress, creativity is something that can help you get by. There are many ways you can be creative. You can write a story, you can create a podcast. You can learn how to draw on Photoshop, you can learn how to produce music, you can learn how to make Youtube videos.

You can learn how to TikTok (please no more “Imma Savage” videos!), you can make arts and crafts, you can take up crocheting, etc. You can paint or try anything else.

Even if you are not creative, I have given you enough details to start to try something new. If you need another resource, you can check here.

5. Exercise

The importance of exercise has been embedded in our heads since we were youngsters, but we were not listening. Enter covid19. With the closures of gyms, sporting areas, and even parks, we have little to no ability to work out. So, what can we do?

Personally, I have a recumbent bike, weights, and resistance bands in my house, so I can do more than the average person. But, for most people, you can do things such as go on Youtube and take an aerobics class. These classes usually require only YOU and some fancy spandex outfit, that will make calorie burning exciting!

The reason exercise is essential in a time of stress and isolation is because we have a lot of negative energies around us. Sorrow, sadness, fear, uncertainty, etc. These energies stay around us during these times, as our outlets have been eliminated, we may not see any reasons to feel good. When youexercise, you release endorphins.

Endorphins are hormones secreted in the brain and nervous system. They generally appear during times of stress or pain. Fortunately for us, we will be using them for pain (via exercise).

Remember that happy, accomplished feeling you have after a workout? Endorphins are responsible for this. Working out can help you to keep active, fit, and keep your mind stable during uncertain times.

6. Maintain Positivity

Let’s face it, for those of us that are about 40 or under, no event in history has been this globally challenging. Therefore, it is easy to let the fear-mongers and anxiety peddlers destroy your mentality. But, wait, there is some hope.

I recommend keeping the faith, hope, and a positive mindset during this entire process because this is a war on your psyche. If it is a conspiracy plot or just an uncontrollable pandemic, it still requires you to be positive.

It is very easy to slip into a negative mindset. This includes but not limited to:

  • fear
  • criticisms
  • worry
  • anxiety
  • paranoia
  • depression
  • sadness

We need to start to be able to see the good in things despite their bleak outlooks. We are going to get through this, and although life may be forever changed, we can know that we continued to have faith in confidence in the Universe or the Architects at work.

As the saying goes, God doesn’t give you more than you can handle, and we are all being forced to handle this, so it must mean we are capable of getting through it. Be safe, be secure, be happy, and  stay informed.

To obtain an interactive print out of this guide get the free pdf below.


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  1. Todd Matthews

    I’ve definitely been engaging in 1, 3, 4, and 5 – as well as 6. My new skill to learn is freelance writing and pitching – looking to hopefully come out of this COVID-19 pandemic as a full-time freelancer and already secured a gig, which is kind of cool. I’m still blogging and writing my own work on top of it, so it’s the laptop lifestyle for me! Exercise is in my DNA and I’m not content unless I have at least two hours of positivity in. Sure, not being able to hit the gym is depressing and it’s even more depressing to drive by the place with its lights turned off – it’s a 24/7 gym – but hopefully we can gain a return to normalcy within the next few weeks.

    If there’s one more thing I’d probably add to this list, it’s to refrain from looking at Twitter trends – the negativity of these people is appalling.

    1. Kay Cee

      Hey Todd,

      Thanks for the post! I recommended staying away from ALL social media and media in general, because it can drive you mad. Congrats on securing a gig! That’s great. Stay safe out there.

  2. evans

    With the emergence of the deadly epidemic that have been ravaging the world over the month’s a lot of people have been compelled to stay at home to combat the spread of the disease and this has keep people indoors away from their jobs and probably away from earning a living.

    Good news is that there are various things one can so from the comfort of your e to be home and also offices all you need is a mobile phone and online jobs

    1. Kay Cee

      You have to stay active, mentally & physically… thanks for the post

  3. Tanvir Ahmed

    I am blessed to see such an informative article. Because It is well-timed. So I appreciated this post very much. Here you have discussed in detail about 6 Ways to Combat the Coronavirus and Social Distancing. I didn’t know better before about Social Distancing. Now I know better about Social Distancing. It is an amazing article. Here all of the discussion is of importance. I think this article is useful for everyone. I have learned a lot from this article. I’m so impressed. Thanks for presenting beautifully. I think everyone should follow this article for Social Distancing.
    Lastly, I would like to share this post on my social media so everyone can know about 6 Ways to Combat the Coronavirus and Social Distancing. Thanks

    1. Kay Cee

      Thanks, Tanvir and be safe!

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