6 Things to Leave behind in 2019

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Things to leave behind in 2019
6 things to leave behind in 2019

From impeachments to social media, to mental health, to murky scandals, 2019 has been a very event-filled year. Being the last year of the century there has been a lot of trends and things that have happened to shape some of our behaviors.

Relationships, personal issues, mental health, and other things are being heavily affected by what we doing on our day-to-day. Here we take a look at 6 things to leave behind in 2019.

1. Social Media Addiction 

It has to be the most important thing on the, 6 things to leave behind in 2019 list, because single-handedly, it has become one of the most influential factors to help cause some of the things below. Social media addiction has grown significantly over the last decade.

The first taste of social media came in the 90s with AOL and later MySpace. This was the inception of what spawned the current social media craze we have today. The way people have evolved (or devolved) over the last decade is a cause for concern.

Mental health is on the rise and according to Science Daily, who conducted a survey from more than 200,000 adolescents age 12 to 17 from 2005 to 2017, and almost 400,000 adults age 18 and over from 2008 to 2017; determined the largest increase in mental health issues happened after 2011.

The researchers stated this trend came from a change in the activities that adolescents participated in, during their time off. Long story short, social media is responsible for making a lot of things that are not reality “appear” to be a reality.

We cannot check if someone is REALLY driving that foreign car, we cannot determine if their happiness is genuine from their smiles, we cannot imagine what their relationship really looks like.

Social media is a dopamine spiking, assumption making, advertising engine, that shows you what it “thinks” you want to see. Taking a break from it every now and then or using it more consciously as opposed to just scrolling, can yield positive results.

2. Toxic Mentalities

Otherwise known as being a savage, emotionless, etc— What is a toxic mentality? You listen to rappers talk about slinging the hottest contraband or intercourse-ing voluptuous women and think that is how you should be.

You just do whatever you want because you’ve heard it or seen it. The mentality again comes from not “THINKING” not being a human but just following societal norms or reacting robotically. HUMANS have emotions.

Regardless of the amount of “negative” experiences, we still have emotions, and to act any different is toxic for humanity (because we are all connected). A toxic mentality has so much destructive power, that a person might not know the disastrous effects of their mindset.

Because we are not perfect and most of us are hurt( Are we ALL hurt? video), we need to be aware and start to really analyze our mentalities. Why do you hate people? Maybe because you were never shown love, and that (hate), is all you know.

Why do you steal kill and harm others that are not threatening your life? Maybe you believe in shortage and not in surplus. Why do you want to hate and hold your fellow man down?

Maybe you have an insecurity that has not been nourished properly. Either way, no one likes toxic mentalities or situations. They help breed the next topic below.

3. Toxic Relationships 

 Show me who your friends are, I’ll show you who you are. We have all been around a friend or family member that secretly envy us, that makes things unnecessarily difficult, or just flat out do things to detriment our progression.

Why? Hurt people hurt people. This means if most of us on earth has gone through something traumatic, it may be difficult to create healthy relationships with ourselves and others.

Why are you attracting, broken men/women? Why do you attract abusive men/women? Why do you attract people that want to use you? Why do you have very few friends?

This is not some heal the world pledge, or development for a utopia, because those things are unrealistic. Then why do people love toxic relationships? Well, in a loss of situations, the reason is, being toxic is all we know.

If we have seen our parents’ siblings and friends, involved in a toxic relationship, that visual image is imprinted in our mind; it is not easy to just have a healthy relationship with no understanding or visual representation of what it looks like.

And sometimes, people are just addicted to suffering. This may make it very difficult to get out of a toxic relationship.

4. Closet Hating 

A lot of people are not familiar with what this is but the term, but this term as defined by urbandictioary.com means, “The act of hating on someone when they’re not around, usually occurring when a group of people shares common feelings, arising like a mob mentality.”

So basically these are your friend, co-workers, and family members that hate on you, smile in your face and talk behind your back.

Why is closet hating no good? It is a real snaky attribute. If you don’t like what someone’s doing, tell them about it politely. If you don’t like the person as a whole or are jealous of them, stay away and live your life stress-free.

While there is no REAL reason to hate anyone that caused you no harm, having jealousy and envy is difficult to let go for some people. Being a closet hater is akin to a wolf in sheep’s clothing, you don’t know who is there until its too late.

No one wants a snake around them so if you are the closet hater, you could just say how you feel or stay away. Or level yourself up, so you have fewer reasons to be hating on someone else’s blessings.

5. Clout Chasing 

The epic high of social media is probably way behind us, but that does not mean that people are still not looking to be the next big thing. People are not even addicted to making money, but they want to chase this imaginary thing called “clout”.

It is the ability to influence others or to make people think you are an authoritative figure in your area of expertise. So what is so bad about clout chasing? People are willing to do some outlandish things just for the recognition that it provides.

It does not matter how reckless, how immoral, or in some cases, how stupid the act is, as long as the product yields the desired expectation someone is willing to do it.

Whether its notoriety, fame, or wanting to just go viral, clout chasing is something that needs to be put in a bottle and chucked somewhere far in the ocean. Genie in the bottom anyone?


“I’ve got fake people showing fake love to me…straight up to my face.”

Fake love, what is it? It can be imagined to be the “parent to closet hating,” and when you think about it makes sense. Closet hating is just a mild version of fake love. You pretend to be in someone’s corner yet you are not really for their success.

You secretly despise them and want them to fail. Some of us are motivated by love, some motivated by hate, whatever you need to motivate yourself to be better, by all means, do so. That fake love has to go.

A meme states that fake love is worse than real hate. The reason is if someone hates you, you are aware of this and can plan accordingly. Fake love is something dreadful disguised as something beautiful.

It has always been around but with the dominance of social media, we can see more things and thus, build more hatred or resentment towards individuals.

Now there is NOTHING wrong with disliking someone because it is a part of life. Going out your way, to hang with someone to praise them and act like you are a part of the team, and inside, you want the worse things to happen to them, you should again, just stay away.

You will know the reality of fake love usually during a few times in your life:

* Development— Be it a business, invention, creation, song, shirt, the list can go on. When you make something, watch how many of your friends support you. Mind you, support is free, and there are many ways to help support someone without spending a dime. But the truth is sometimes you want to know who your real friends are, and making business is sometimes the best way to do it.

* Financial struggle — When you go into bad times financially, reach out to people you think love you or have your best interest at hand. See how people respond to you.

* Relationship — If you are in one and you are happy you can spot the fake love easily. People will make comments or say things that will make you question your relationship with the person. This was done in efforts to sabotage your perception, and then disturb your peace.

While these were only a few examples, the fake love train travels far and wide, so pay attention to it if it makes a stop in your town.

6 Things to leave behind in 2019 – Conclusion

These behaviors are things that have made the last few years for a lot of people challenging. The endless hate, the fake hate, the bad toxicity, social media overload, etc., have all become a way of life, but they should be limited. And if not — see you in 2021 with the same list.

Which thing on the 6Things to leave behing in 2019 list was most important to you??? Drop a comment below. And if you found any value in this post please share it, social links are at the sidebar on the top right. Thank you!

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