5 things to Improve in 2020

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Things to improve in 2020
What things can you improve in 2020?

It is now 2020, the world is so different and amazing now. We are in a whole new world with amazing people, lot’s of abundance and all that good stuff. Now that we are aware of what we need to leave behind in 2019, we should take a look at things to improve in 2020.

1 – Be More Empathetic

Empathy has become a forgotten emotion in this world of clout-chasers, time-wasters, and love haters (yes I do poetry). 

This is a basic emotion that we feel when something unfavorable happens to someone else.

The prevalence of violent games, movies, and tv shows in our media, at some point, will affect how we see things in our everyday lives. But, empathy is a tricky skill that sometimes is misunderstood by those who do not experience it as intensely. It could be helpful as something to improve in 2020.

It is good to be empathetic for the person that is going through something, that is the “ideal” response to a tragedy. However, the display of it is not as normal as it used to be and some point the technology can start to change how we feel about others. 

If we are human, then feeling, is one of the main things that we do. To not be empathetic is to have a mentality that it is only about you when it is about us all. Humans are one of the few species (If not the only), that believe it is okay to destroy themselves and their brothers. Maybe if we got back to more authenticity in life, the ability to empathize may return. Wishful thinking right?

2 – Be more honest, especially with yourself

Honesty is something that we’ve all struggled with at one time or another. Maybe it was that relationship you thought would last, and you lied to yourself hoping it would get better. Or even the intense partnership, that spelled trouble from the beginning, but you kept going full steam ahead. 

We do lie to ourselves if we are being transparent, but, if we can avoid a lot of “negative learning experiences” that happen once we keep it real with ourselves. This is much harder to do in reality than talking about it, but with time and practice, it can be done.

Although there are many gurus, peers, and experts who believe they know what is right for someone else, the reality is you are your best friend and you have to do what is best for you—I am just being honest. 

Although honesty is often met with more resistance because most people do not want to lift the veil of illusion. They much prefer to drown themselves in luxury and entertainment, then to face certain realities.

Until we are ready to face the truths within ourselves, listening to other people, will be very difficult. In 2020, we can minimize the negative experiences if we allow more honesty—yes even the painful truths we avoid. 

Honesty is not always about being able to determine who is right or wrong, a lot of the times it is determining, what is right or wrong for us.

At the end of the day, we have to change, so if we are honest about it, our perspectives toward things that we may not want to be honest about may evolve. 

3 – Limit the control of FEAR in your life

This has to be one of the biggest things to improve in 2020 upon if we want to lead and live fuller lives. Many of us experience fear, but few of us know what it is like to go past it or let it go. 

Fear can be something that prevents us from doing the things necessary in life, to be more, to be better. 2020 is your year! If you want to ask that person out that you had a crush on, do it. What is the worse that can happen, they say no.

You’ll live, you’ll survive. There is much fish in the pond, once you leave the safety of the shore. 

So you have been thinking of starting your own business? Go for it! What is the worse that can happen? It fails, you learn from your mistakes and start another one?

Although fear itself never fully goes away the main point is that it is imaginary. It is something we tell ourselves in the fear of uncertainty. 

If you have a fear of heights, do you think staying on low surfaces will help you conquer that fear? Probably not. The thing about fear is that you have to combat it head-on. If you are scared of spiders, go to a zoo and hold one.

Fearful of flying? Take a short ride in a helicopter. Have a fear of rejection? Just do it. Afterward, be able, to be honest with yourself and live with the results.

Rejection is normal and doesn’t mean you are any less important. We can combat these things by taking a more proactive approach in our life.

Fear makes you feel comfortable, it makes you feel safe, and if there is one thing I remember about life, if you are not fearful or uncomfortable, then you have stopped growing. 

As one of our great presidents so accurately stated, “The only thing to fear, is fear itself.”

4 – Give MORE, expect less.

This is a hard one to accept because those people that are known as “givers,” are fed up with those considered to be the “takers” or “users”.

The truth is givers have to be givers as much as takers have to be takers. Being a giver means you are the rock, the one people depend on, the compassionate one.

Being the “go-to-person” for most does have its pros, but the cons can be quite taxing on the mind and emotions. Feelings of under-appreciation, being used, or burnt out, are common amongst givers. But, the ideology behind why people give, has to be examined.

There is the possibility of self-esteem issues, or wanting to feel needed, or whatever, being the reason behind someone’s generosity. Giving for the wrong reasons does not feel good (to either party), nor does it help grow and maintain relationships. 

True giving is giving without pre-requisites, without expectations of anything in return. These two reasons can support the fact that some people who give, are not giving to just give there may be an underlying reason.

Expectations can lead to disappointment and resentment if you feel as though you are not getting your “fair share”. 

There can be fairness in life, but sometimes it is just not the case. If you feel that you do not want to give to someone, then don’t (and do not guilt trip yourself after), if you want someone to do something for you ask them, as giving may not be the answer.

It can create an unreal expectation that a person should do something because something was done for them. 

Obligatory relationships don’t feel good. But, there is power and joy associated with simply giving to others, even without receiving.

If we all embody this and improve in 2020, we may be making some headroom in becoming more empathetic, sensible humans. 

5 – Limit Social Media Usage

So limiting social media usage, sounds crazy right? In actuality, social media has been causing damage to our minds, and perceptions in so many ways, there should be a mandate placed usage because of its high potential to ruin our lives in so many ways.

Psycom.net conducted a small study through the University of Pittsburgh and some of the results were shocking.

* Increased social media time was correlated to having 2.2 times the risk of negative eating and body image

* More time spent on social media manifested into more sleeping problems and symptoms of depression

* In a smaller study of teens aged 13-18 found that receiving a high amount of like increased activity in the reward center of the brain

What can we conclude from these studies? Well, for one, the increased time on social media can lead to having negative self-perceptions. If we are honest, that is one of the major thriving points on social media (being able to present something vastly different from its reality). It is for the most part perception-based and perception altering. 

It can make things seem better than what they are, when in reality, things may be worse. So, do we really need to limit our social media usage? If the studies are correct, then there is a lot of unseen damage happening inside our minds and bodies. Taking a break has the potential to minimize is affects.

While social media is a tool that can be used for good, some of us are not using the discipline to actually stick to using it to find lost relatives, friends, or promoting our businesses, and products, or provide information.

We’ve gotten stuck on the personal aspects of dating, gossiping, sharing our opinions as facts, and debating. The increase in social comparisons lowers self-worth if we are not living up to the standards we “see”. We then internalize these perceptions and become sad, not good enough, etc.


If we want to be successful at anything, we must put our minds to it. This requires putting the phone down, logging out of social media, and being human again. Developing and nourishing relationships with ourselves and others can be an integral part of having a better 2020.

Which improvement will YOU try to integrate into your life to have a better 2020? Leave a line, or two, or three 🙂 below. And if you found any value in this post please share it, social links are at the sidebar on the top right. Thank you!

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  1. Antonio


    Thank you very much for writing this thought provoking  article and I think you have come up with 5 important things will all can do to improve our lives. We all need to be empathetic  as this is not seen as a weakness but a way to show how you can relate to individuals more closely. It is not all about ourselves as we all live in one world, where we have to get on or we push people away and risk in becoming isolated.  We need to become more understanding,  look after each other and not to become too needy. To grow out of being child like and become true adults that are empathic, caring, giving and not selfish that can relate with each other. Do you think that this level of utopia will ever be achieved?



    1. Kay Cee

      It is hard to say if a Utopia can be reached based on the direction we are heading in now. I believe if we evolve and understand ourselevs better, it would be a step in the right direction. Thanks for stopping by!

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